Hot Wire Bar project - lots of pics

I did this for a party a few years ago. I thought it might inspire someone to see. starting as a 4ft x 4 ft x 8 foot 2lbs foam block. Standing 4 ft high, 190 qt ice chest, sink and portable hot water. I give you “the portable Bar” - Walnut & Plexiglass

Thank you


Haha, that’s just too cool… nice!

Very nicely done! Was it free hand hot wire or CNC?

I see a hot wire sled coming…perhaps some kind of bow arrangement with the wire centered on the sled. The foam can offset from backer board to allow space for the sled to go between. The bow can be made very light, maybe carbon fiber rod since the wire doesn’t require super strength.

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Thank you. It was CNC. I have mused a Maslow hot knife before. I’d like
to see your version.

Thank you