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How long does it take to ship to montreal, QC Canada (shipping lead time)

How long does it take to ship Moslow complete kit with Z- axis to montreal. Qc canada
or ontario canada
i want to use it but im wondering how long it takes to get here


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Maslow, the original company, is no longer making kits. There are four current vendors, @MakerMadeCNC and @Metalmaslow, @EastBaySource, and @Maslow_Surplus_Parts who are making kits. Perhaps they can chime in with their production and shipping information.

Maslow Surplus Parts
East Bay Source
Metal Maslow
Maker Made CNC


it will vary far more on the whims of the post offices than anything else. I’ve
shipped interntionally where it took just a few days, and I’ve shipped where it
took a couple of months. In the latter case, it was not because the destination
was some odd, remote place, the package literally took a month to go the first
50 miles.

David Lang


Hello there!
EastBaySource here.

About 5 days total.



I would like to add that there is also an other good source for complete kits.
Maslow Surplus Parts

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Oops, didn’t mean to slight you. I’m going to modify my post and the wiki.

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@Metalmaslow, since I’m modifying the wiki, can you confirm that you are actively selling/shipping kits? I tried going to your site and it showed " We’re working on our site at the moment."

No worries :slight_smile:
I’m Gab from @EastBaySource just helping a fellow seller.
Thank you


I got my kit from MakerMade in about 3 days - DHL shipment, free shipping for $450 (with the discount).


Yes! Spouse would be upset if I had $3000 worth of laser cut sleds and not sell. We are working on a couple things I really hope to get these for sale in the next week and our website full of orders


Thanks for the data point! What country are you in?