How to bypass makerverse web upload and cut a local gcode file?


I have a 16MB gcode file i want to cut.
My M2 is run using a raspberry pi with the image Makermade provide on their site.

Makerverse (1.3) can’t upload my 16MB file using the website upload button (it works fine for another 512kb file, so I assume the file is just too big for the API).

I tried copying the file to $HOME/gcode on my raspberry pi since this is according to docs this is a “watch” folder that you can use in lieu of web uploads, but there is no way to select from that folder in 1.3.

Anyone been able to cut local gcode files with makerverse?

Let me know!

One option would be to break the file up into smaller parts. Gcode is just a text file so you can open it in a text editor and see what is there and manually split the file into multiple smaller chunks.

Does it make sense that the file is 16mb…that seems really really big. It’s also possible that the file has a TON of tiny tiny movements in it and you might be able to shrink the file size. Check out the awesome GCodeClean tool for that here: Command line utility to 'clean' GCode

Hi @bar, thanks for the suggestion, ill give it a try!

The file is unreasonably complicated due to pockets being milled using FreeCad’s “adaptive clearing” algorithm. The paths are super complicated helical things. Simple zig zags would be better but ive been wrestling with FreeCad for a while now and could not find a good way to mill pockets in a face with a ton of holes.

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