How to Generate GCode using KrabzCam

I just posted a new video on creating GCode, Check it out!

Bar and I like to try out different options for CAM software whenever we hear about a new one and I’ve really started to like KrabzCAM. At first I thought it was clunky but know that I’ve used it a couple times I really have started to appreciate it’s versatility more. I hope this video can help people through that initial learning curve. Here is the link if you want to experiment with it KrabzCAM


I’m really loving Krabz too.

My biggest gripe though… You can create a circle, triangle, 4 sided-9sided shapes… But why not a damn line??? Lol

Other than I’m not able to create a simple line, I love it! Very simple and fast.

Thank you to whoever created it!


right? That would be great! sometimes I find I need one little edit and I end up going back to the SVG to add it instead

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We cannot have that! :slight_smile:

I’ve just added support for creating polylines.
Just hit ‘2’, add points with mouse button, and complete with ‘enter’.

You can also lock axis with x / y during this operation.

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Woah! That’s a quick turn around to add a feature. Amazing!


Woah! Thank you! I’m starstruck :star_struck: a celebrity appearance