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KrabzCAM, generate g-code from svg

Hi, I just wanna share this link

It’s a free web-application I’ve been working on for a while for generating g-code from SVG paths,
similar to MakerCAM/PartKAM but written in javascript.

It currently supports pockets, profiles(inside/outside with tabs), engraving (both z-depth and laser m3/m5) and drilling.

SVGs need to be converted to paths (easily done with inkscape).

User settings (operation parameters and preferred unit) can be exported/imported from file.

Click ‘HELP’ for instructions.

Quick tips:
Press ‘b’ to box-select,
Press ‘a’ to select/unselect all
Press ‘g’ to grab (move objects around)
Press ‘s’ to scale
Press ‘r’ to rotate
Press ‘t’ to add tab (on active profile opereration)

(I’m also working on heightmap 3d carving support from greyscale images, but this for the future.)

A few short demo vids here:

Just keep in mind, this is new untested software, so use with care!

Best regards


This is awesome, nice work. I’ve been trying the other gcode export options in Inkscape and they’ve seemed so cumbersome. Thanks.

This is amazing, cancelling my Easel subscription right now.