How to get the belt ends on?

I’m assembling my measly and can’t get the second half of the belt end clip on. I’ve tried using a clamp to try to force the ends together. Any tips on what you did that worked?

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It is super finicky! My best result is from bending the belt where the bolt will be going through and leave enough belt to sticking out a few mm from the opening. Then I squeeze this together with a clamp or pliers so it kind of stays bent there. Then I put it in the first side (no bolt in there yet), then carefully try to slide the top section over it until it feels like its gettin into that groove, then line up the pins and sqeeze with a clamp or pliers to get the two halves together.

Hopefully that description makes sense. I’m not sure how to describe it, but once they are lined up it does slide in ok.

Also of note. if you have some better bolts then what came with maslow, this is the place to use them, as once these are on (and it takes some force to get them in) it is pretty easy to cam out (strip) the ones that come with the maslow.


I’m having the same challenge. I’ve tried using vise grips to both clamp and provide some leverage (though I am concerned about overstressing the belt).

Another challenge is the bolt head.

If you haven’t already discovered it, try putting a bolt through a unused belt end. The hole is fine for the locknut but the bolt head does not move freely.

I had gotten one belt ends halves together. I was tightening the bolt through in thinking the threads would bite the belt teeth. Once through, it wouldn’t line up to make it through the hole to meet the nut. Turns out the bolt head didn’t freely rest in its place, forcing it to a slight angle.

I really am reluctant to get Dremel or drill bit out to shave the walls for the bolt head.

If someone could even post a link to previous discussions with suggestions for both the bolt & getting the belt end assembled, that would be appreciated. The search term “belt end” is pretty vague to produce results on it specifically.

Thanks in advance. Cheers, M.

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A few things that worked for me -

  • I wrapped the belt around a bolt before inserting it into one side so as to make sure there was a little loop at the inside end so there was more room than if you really fold the belt over on itself.
  • Its a little bit of process to get the wrap length right relative to where you start inserting it so that it maintains that extra at the end but isn’t too much.
  • to insert the belt, I get it started by holding the doubled-thickness portion near the end of the belt and starting to insert it into the slot at an angle at the very edge where it flares out a bit.
  • Once you get a little bit inserted at an angle you can start pressing it down into the channel until you get to the loop end
  • I’ve used channel lock or similar parallel jaw movement type pliers to give it a bit of a squeeze too , even on the doubled-over belt
  • you install the top half in a similar way, introducing it to the double belt at an angle and then squeeze pivoting it towards the ‘bolt’ end.
  • If you can get it part way you can again gently squeeze with parallel jaw style pliers to bring the parts together.
  • it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with some lubrication of the belt/channel too - candle wax or even water?
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