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How To: Holey Triangular Calibration (GroundControl and Firmware)

In order to run Holey Triangular Calibration at this point in time, which I hope to improve in the near future, you must install the source code for GroundControl as listed on the GitHub instructions. FYI - I updated the instructions and added a couple of steps/install packages that are required. Without the added steps I could not run the stock GC v1.26 or the forked Holey GC.

After installing Python and its dependencies, the current fork (unofficial test version) of Holey GroundControl and Holey Firmware can be downloaded and used normally.

NOTE - I have been successful in running the current Holey Calibration GC and firmware with the following software on two separate laptops:

  • Win10 Pro (1703), 64 bit AND Windows 10 Home (1803) 64 bit
  • Python 2.7.10
  • Arduino 1.8.8