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How to raise the bit z-axis?

So we calibrate successful, finally, and get an image loaded and the machine is cutting…everything is great! THEN the 2 year old pulls out the USB cable in the middle of the cut. We stop the project and reset to center, and the bit drags all the way across. It is stuck in the plunge depth that it was in for the project cut (5/8”).

I go back to callibration and skip through to the z-axis part and try to get it to raise up. Now in all honesty, I don’t know what I’m doing here. I’m basically putting in random numbers and sometimes the bit moves and sometimes it doesn’t. What should I put in to get it to raise back up so I can redo the project? Or is there another way to raise the bit? The “raise” and “lower buttons” move the sled, not the z-axis motor.


Click on → Z-axis


clicking in the distance button will allow you to change its value, same with in/mm

after you have changed the bit, lower it till barely touches the wood and click on → Define zero

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