Z axis raises up and doesn't stop

I am new to this, have machine set up, calibration is done. Went to cut permanent sled and z axis plunged all the way down. Now upon playing program to start the cut, it rises up and will not stop.I have to hit the stop to terminate the rise. Help…probably something silly.

check the cables, unplug and replug

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You said the z-axis also plunged all the way down. Check the pitch that is entered for the z-axis. It depends on your z-axis. For the standard stock z-axis the setting is 8. For any other z-axis you would need to find out what the pitch is.

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I reset to 8 and it seems to be working. THANKS

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Everything worked except for depth adjustment. 17/32 plywood not cut all the way thru. However it is working… still new to this…lol

It could be one of a number of little things.

  • Please check that your units are in mm or in inches as required.
  • if you have a tape measure or caliper handy, move the z axis up and down 10 mm and measure with each move. If it isn’t moving the right amount, the pitch is off. Adjust as needed until you get the desired movement.
  • If it is moving the correct amount, adjust your gcode to cut 1-1.5 mm deeper into the spoil board behind your work piece to ensure you cut all the way through. For 17/32, you may need to go 15 mm or 5/8 to get all the way through.
  • Your zero position may be a bit high. typically the resting position of the bit is 2 or 3 mm above home if you just moved the sled, it will retract a bit to slide and will stay up. If you zero it after a move, make sure to put ti down flush with the surface before you zero the z axis.
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I second @Orob to actually measure the pitch as he describes. It is good to get that correctly.
What z-axis do you have?
The stock z-axis has a lot of play in it and I found it of great value to upgrade it to a 3D-printed z-axis that I found here in the forums. The meticulous z-axis also seems to be a good option.
Also, the automatic z-axis zeroing was another great improvement for me. I’d suggest you check that out too.
Good luck. Keep making dust.

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Use the Z-Axis menu and move the axis 5-10mm up or down, then measure…