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How to start cut after GC pauses for "tool change"?

Hi all,
I have loaded my first g code from Fusion 360 and was stopped short by “T1 tool change to tool 1 M6 Tool change please change to Tool1” message in GC. I am simply looking for how to move past this message - I don’t need to add/change the tool i just want to start the cut. Obviously i have been smashing the Play and Pause buttons to no effect. I read elsewhere that once a tool has been entered in GC this message no longer appears (until a tool change is requested). Where do I tell GC that the appropriate tool has been loaded into the router and we can proceed? All other posts on tool changes seem to gloss over this step and I feel like I am missing something super obvious. I have attached a screenshot of the GC messages, my NC file and log if that helps. (838 Bytes) log.txt (795.1 KB)

For more background (and since this is my first post), I have built my frame, calibrated the system and made my first cut (lettering created in Easel) and celebrated appropriately. I am a more or less a complete noob to CNC/CAD/CAM/programming but I have enough life experience to jump in and get started; I have taken the last few days to teach myself Fusion 360 and create my first file. Excited to make some cuts and give back to the community as I gain experience with the machine as the resources on this forum have helped solved my early issues.
Thanks in advance,

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Well, in web control I just press the resume button so the maslow can continue cutting, maybe in ground control is the same

That’s what I would expect to work…Hmmmm…Has anyone else run into a bug with the tool change code?

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anything interesting in the log file?

David Lang

Update - I was able to make the cut using Easel (something is going on with the depth but I will play with it) so it seems like the issue is in the F360 g code. I’ll continue with Easel for now but would definitely like to use F360 end-to-end.

Might as well post a pic since it is my first proper cut!


Isn’t there a Fusion 360 Maslow postprocessor?

Not engendered specifically for Maslow I don’t think but I use the GRBL post code set up .

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yes there is, I don’t have the link to it handy.

David Lang