How to zero Z axis?

Just got my maslow4 calibrated and ready to run, currently ran a test with no router bit just to see how it will behave. Apparently eventing went good but iam unsure on how to zero the Z axis before making a mess. Read all the instructions but can find anything about it.

lower maslow completely till it bottoms out on the stepper motors and then use the Zero Z button in the setup menu

this will not go well if there is a bit that will stick out past the sled if the maslow is mounted

you can place a piece of wood under either half of the sled to easily remove this issue while you Zero Z

make sure to set Z Home as the bit resting on the surface of the material before actually cutting


Zero Z just needs to happen once to let the machine know where it is in space vertically. After that it will remember.

Home Z is done every time before you cut to let the machine know where the surface of the wood is.