I think my settings are Down Under

So I recently switched over to WebControl and did a test cut. I seemed to have transposed a setting somewhere as my Design is upside down (and elongated I think). Moving the Sled Right and left seems to work fine but telling it to go up goes down and Vice versa. I’m sure it’s obvious to someone but what am I doing wrong?

swap your motor cables?

You are correct! Thanks. What was odd however is that If the cables were swapped I would have thought the right and left direction would have been swapped.

I’m imagining in my head that f you flipped maslow over, the chains would hang from the wrong side of the pulleys, but would still hang, so it makes sense the cutout was upside down.

It was working in ground control and then all you did was loaded WebControl and it inverted? If so, check the chain over/under sprocket setting.