New Build, stuck on calibraton Bar's Bolt Together


New here, hope I’m posting this in the right spot. After 6 months of waiting I am finally putting my maslow together, I am using Bar’s bolt together frame and I’m stuck on a calibration. During the walk through in ground control for calibration I selected “bottom” attaches to sled. On Bar’s bolt together the sled chain goes to the bottom but I am at the point of calibration where it extends the chains and the motors rotate and feed chain outward as if I was using the original frame design. I’m wondering which side of chain to I attach to the sled because ground control shows it out the top. Should I just mark the chain and pully take it off and flip it around?

PS, I cut my sled on my xcarve.

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Glad you finally found the time! I was also at that spot for awhile.

As for your calibration, if you are saying that you will be mounting it off the bottom then it should be rotating inside to outside. With your cable management in the middle.

This is what my Maslow looks like from the front, I highly suggest using some form of bungee like this with a center I bolt to hold it in place.

But this is what it should look like for “bottom” attachment.

Also, I have a second Maslow that is very much like yours with the wooden bolt together that I also had issues with and @bar was very helpful in getting it to work correctly, you can read about it here.

Hope this helps!

Thanks ChrisB. I figured out where I went wrong and got it working. I did the pulley system for the chain slack. :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Glad to hear it!