Ider sproket sourcing?

Anyone found a supplier of the idler sprocket thats not american centric and over priced?
Preferable on this side of the world? Australia / New Zealand

And no Mcmaster does not ship here!!!


You should add yourself to the map with the other Kiwis. I’m not one, but we dropped by for 10 days (including a long train ride on the north island and bus/boat trip down south including a bit of snow) last September

not sure if they ship to Australia but they have locations in France, Japan, Canada, and US, so I’m guessing maybe. I just pulled the trigger on some of these for a counter weight setup I’m going to try. they have some much bigger ones too for the same size chain. Ill post how well they fit next weekish. Let us know if you find anything else.

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For the first machine before we had them made I just bought regular sprockets and cut off the bit I didn’t need with a hacksaw…it’s not perfect but it worked

You have my condolences.

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Found my original source. While that listing is no longer available there should be others, and vendors often use multiple country eBay sites with the same user ID

They must not like chain idlers in Oz, far cheaper to grind off the hub (like $4 instead of big bucks)

Edit: over edited, here it is with the tracking

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edit: add pics

These fit the chain perfectly with no altering needed. They do have holes to mount it to a drive hub, but does not come with the hub. They accept a 1/2 inch O.D. bearing. Some router bits I don’t use just so happen to have 1/2 inch bearings on them, so hooray for that. They are aluminum, but as an idler, wear shouldn’t be an issue.

Any luck finding other sources?


Hi Kiwidust,
Just wondering if your still using your Maslow CNC?
I’m in Chch and am looking at purchasing one.
I was hoping to have a chat with someone (preferably a kiwi!) who is using one of these.

Let me know if your open to having a quick chat at some stage that suits?
Keen to know your thoughts on the Maslow CNC.


look for a cloathline pully at your local hardware/big-box store, they actually
work much better than the idler sprocket (and they won’t fly away and get lost)

David Lang