What screw goes here?

I just got my Maslow kit, I have an Allen key and the chain gear attachments in the baggy but the allen screws that attach the sprocket to the gearbox chain drive are missing.

Anyone know what size and thread these are so I can go get some at the hardware store?

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I’m so sorry you are missing those! We’re more than happy to send you some right away, but if you would rather get some immediately from the hardware store here is the part we used for reference

Again, I’m so so sorry for missing them!


No worries at all! I actually got my kit from Bob who got it from you :wink: Missing screws aren’t that big of a deal. I just didn’t want to cross thread them with the wrong screw type. Thanks again!


FYI - Found at Lowes , see middle drawer. i’d take the large hex wrench and sprocket to test fit at the store. Your mileage may vary I’m sure each store has different stock.