I'm sure this thing is great but must sell--- SOLD

I really love this project and thought I’d be able to make the space and time to build it up but now I see there is no way to make the space anytime soon and I am too busy using the smart tools I have to stop and build it up even if I had space.

So, one of you can have it. it has the Z axis, has only been out of the box as I looked things over and set them back.

Best offer by midnight, Wednesday the 18 of October gets it.

Please just PM me as I don’t want you getting spam because of dropping your email in the open forum.

Thanx guys!

I am interested, but I can’t send a PM I think because my account is new, or I just don’t know how to use the site lol.

In the mobile version click on your icon in the upper left corner. Find the envelope icon near the top in the resulting list. Click that. Of course click means touch, and Apple probably does it different.

You can also “click” on the Mark_Evans in the post, then click message.

For grins I sent you a PM that should generate an alert to get you started.

That is strange, you can leave a bid here and if you are high, we"ll work out communication without getting you spammed.

Thanx guys, the response has been great! Just sorry I only have one. This is definitely sold, I’ll pm the highest this time tomorrow and close out this thread.

as promised the winner has been pm’d and bidding is closed.


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