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Impressed with maslow large cutting

im quite impressed with the maslow on large cuttings. i have 22 boards to cut for the car buck im building. designed by car body bucks in south Africa. it doing the job

thanks maslow


i have to ask so forgive my ignorance, what is a car buck?

It’s a wooden template that allows me to build the car body around the buck. It’s generally how most car bodies start from a drawing to a mold etc

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Ah, ok. That makes sense now, I know of bucks used for forms for other things, I dont know why I didnt put this together for a car body. Thanks for the clarification.

That is a super neat use! Thanks for showing us :grinning:

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That’s super cool! How long did it take for you to cut all of that out? I’m thinking about using a Maslow for doing a tool trailer cabinet build and trying to decide if it is really time efficient or not.

Still cutting. I have 22 boards and I’m upto board 9 at the moment. I only really get the weekends to cut so a bit slow but I’m in no rush