Increasing font size in GroundControl

Dear all,
I’ve got a new laptop with a quite high screen resolution (3000x2000).
The text appearing in GroundControl is barely readable, which is giving me a hard time during calibration.
Is there any way to increase the font size displayed in groundcontrol? I have tried setting down the overall resolution of my screen, but my system won’t give me any other options than the highest resolution…

Is that windows? I guess increasing the font size would involve some coding in the kivy part.
There should be a way to reduce the resolution, a different driver perhaps?

A workaround might be webcontrol, webcontrol-open-beta, as the browser can be zoomed. It however requires a separate raspberry Pi or a linux system on the laptop.

Kind regards, Gero

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If it it running Windows 10, you could increase the size of the system text, or make everything on the display larger.

Click the Start button (or press the Windows key), then select Settings > Ease of Access > Display.

To make just the text on your screen larger, adjust the slider under “Make text bigger”. To make everything larger, including images and apps, choose an option from the drop-down menu under “Make everything bigger”.


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Can you post a screenshot? I know we ran into something similar with retina displays for Mac, but I believe we solved it in the case of those displays.

This is awesome! I had now idea this existed! I am trying to set it up on my Linux Mint, but will definitely go for the raspberry pi solution in the long run. Thank you!


@zuse I’d get a pi 3B+ , the new Pi4 has a heat problem and is unstable. - FYI

Thank you

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