Initial Set-up GC Ver 1.0 problem

No Judgement, eh?

Well, this sounds like the place for Newbie questions.

  1. Finished constructing my temporary frame
  2. Had Firmware 0.96 on controller
  3. Started up Ground Control
  4. First thing ground control says “A newer version of firmware is available, commands may not work properly”
    (or something along those lines)
  5. Connected to controller and saw a bunch of script scroll down the GC right side
  6. Tired to “calibrate machine dimensions”, but no response from both left and right steppers.

Note: I am familiar with steppers and after 20 mouse clicks I should see (or feel) some sprocket movement.

  1. Use the “Test motors” action and both motors turn easily.
  2. Go back to “calibrate” and no stepper movement.

So, maybe the out-of-date firmware is suspect.
I download and install ver 1.0 without issue.

  1. Started up Ground Control
  2. No out-of-date message appears
  3. GC automatically connects and then displays “text did not display properly”
  4. There is no text scrolling down the GC right side during the connect.
  5. Tired to “calibrate machine dimensions”, but no response from both left and right steppers.
  6. Tired to “test motors” and no response

I do get activity lights on the cobtroller
The batch file shows “connected” with no messages after that

I am running Windows 10.



What version of GC are you using? Sounds like initially you had 0.96 for firmware and something later (perhaps 1.00) for GC. They need to be the same. 1.02 is the latest release version. Try that for both and see if you get the same issue.

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Welcome to our group.

The current version of the software and firmware is 1.02

In Ground Control have you selected a comport?

Thank you

My version of GC is Windows-V1.02

GC version 1.02
Firmware 1.0

for GC 1.02, you have to use FW 1.02. There’s some changes that make that a must.


Since I just downloaded the firmware this morning, it has to be the latest version, wouldn’t it?


There are multiple releases on the page, the latest one is a the top. Once you download it you have to go back to the Arduino IDE and send it to the Mega.

Thank you

Yes, I have uploaded the firmware onto the Mega.

For my edification, is that the commit number from github?

Commit number?

That’s how its listed in Github.

And that’s the directory it created when I downloaded it,

Someone more familiar with github should chime in. I don’t get that when I download.

I see changes have been made to cnc_ctrl_v1 as of 2 hours ago. I will download and upload to Mega again to eliminate any doubt.

That means you are working off the master branch, I believe, and is not an actual release. Not sure if doing so would cause a problem with GC 1.02.

I’m not sure how you are getting the file - In a web browser I get this

When clicking on Source .zip . I get a Download of

The number you are sending looks like the checksum hash.

Can you send the exact steps you are taking to get to this?


If you want to try it out I have an automated file to do the download for you on Windows 10. If you want to try my automation send me a PM and I’ll send you a page with instructions and 2 files.

Thank you

Ok, looks like my source for obtaining the firmware was incorrect…and gawd knows what shape that version is in (lol).

Now downloading the official release 1.02 I’ll keep ya posted.



Now it seems your on the right path. Welcome to our group.

When you get a chance can you tell me where your Ground Control Lanch.bat is located on your computer?

Thank you

Nothing left for me to say then: Welcome Maslowian! There are NO stupid questions. All Input is welcome and helps to make the documentation better. You can feel free to ask anything at any time. One of the wonderful miracles in this community.

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Firstly, I have the entire Maslow project on my Drive D: in its own dedicated directory.
The GC batch file (shortcut) is on my desktop.

So, after updating the firmware, I see signs of progress.
When GC starts up, it tells me it’s conencted and happily displays

GC 1.02
Firmware 1.02

And after trying to calibrate and/or test, I get…

Testing L Motor:
Direction 1 - Fail
Direction 2 - Fail
Testing R Motor:
Direction 1 - Fail
Direction 2 - Fail
Testing Z Motor:
Direction 1 - Fail
Direction 2 - Fail

Yes, all the motors are connected. The connectors only fit one way.

I’ve got the USB plugged in to the Mega and the 12V power plugged into the driver board.

They were kinda working when I had firmware 0.96

That is the motor shield sitting on top of the mega, right?