Moving to new Frame Maslow problems

OK - the Mega / Maslow Controller was on firmware .99 and the computer 1.02 of Ground Control. On power up it connected and said it didn’t get positioning information. I then grabbed a Windows Laptop and Updated the firmware, opened Ground Control 1.11 with Firmware 1.11. Again it came up saying it has receive no positioning information. Followed by a chain length error. I wiped the eeprom. Finally just a chain length message. The use of any control resulted in the sled moving down. I starter the chain length under settings Automatic chain length. When I clicked on left motor the right motor took off. I killed the power to everything. Powered back up. Ran the chain length. Congratulations! message - I was now able to move and do everything. I started the Calibration. I skipped the chain length section, as I had just done that. When I got to the Z axis set zero. Every thing I tried just moved the sed downward until it was upside down on the floor. I quit, then I exited and restarted - I get the chain length message - no valid information. Any Ideas? I will start the calibration again tomorrow.

Thank you

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i’d depreciate your groundcontrol.ini file and force it to create a new one. compare the 2 to see whats different…

In general, I think its still a bad idea to run different versions of GC and firmware. because of the rate of change (rapid) version to version, this may change as dev slows down, but I expect we’ll get to the point where GC will manage to do all the firmware changes on its own soon too.


I think @mrfugu’s suggestion of starting with a fresh .ini file is a good one (there is now an option under Actions -> Advanced which will create a backup of your file and generate a new one when GC restarts)

I would also recommend against skipping steps in the calibration process whenever anything strange is going on. My guess is that the machine did’t know that the extend chains part had already been done and that is why it’s constantly moving the sled to the floor


I will run through a complete Calibration after replacing the .ini file.

Thank you both for your help.


running different versions on the firmware vs GC is going to cause problems at
times (and anything <1.0 with 1.11 is guaranteed to not work, there have been
several breaking changes in those 11 releases)

I ran through full calibration on 1.11 on Windows. The copied the Ground Control.ini to the locally connected Raspberry Pi3. Tested a few moves. Then uploaded thew file.

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Happy Ending!

Thank you