Inkscape question

I am doing word cut outs on my machine. But can anyone tell me how to connect the dot if an “i” to the top of the i so it doesn’t cut separate. I have tried YouTube etc and nothing is working.

Is the workflow -> word -> inkscape -> makercam?
Why is it an issue? Isn’t every letter a separate cut?

Edit: I might have got the question totally wrong. Worth a try is to select the word, hold ‘shift’ and select the ‘dot’ and use ->Path -> combine in inkscape. (if they are paths)

Edit2: ->Path -> union could be the better option

Let me try and see if I can get that to work. The words are in script fonts so they are all attached.

How do you select the dot. When my word is selected I hold down ship and it does nothing when I try to click dot I even tried putting a square around it etc like some others have told me it doesn’t do anything. My word was already changed to object to path?

Trynna Roberts iPhone

  1. Select the text
  2. Click the “Path” menu and select “Object to Path”
  3. Now click the “Object” menu and select “Ungroup”

This will make every path in your word separate and clickable individually. Once you have everything situated and overlapping the way that you like, select everything in the artboard and click the “Path” menu and click “Union”