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Light bulb shaped pendant light


After finishing this project, I think it’s time to recalibrate. Quite a bit of sanding to round out the out of round rings (was off by about .25 inch on the small rings and almost .4 inch on the large ring) Was probably time to change to a new bit though. :confused:

Project of the Week / Community Gardener for January 2019

Cool light! I like the color of the finished product too.


Hey Clint, I love your approach to this design.

Would you be able to either post your sketches here or make a garden post?
I’d like to see where I can pick up one of those light fixtures, too.

Thank you for sharing, I’m impressed as always :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Jacob!! Will get it there when I get a sec.


The nylon braided wire and fixture I picked up on Amazon, will get links


What a great project!!! Thanks for posting.


Hi Clint,

Fantastic project. I would like to make one for my cabin if you feel comfortable sharing the files. Either way, share or not, you have a fantastic eye as the light bulb shaped pendant light is really cool…

Thank you,

Glen A. Sedam


Great light! I used the same lamp cord but used an Edison bulb in my lamp! Good job!


Thanks! Traveling right now but will get that uploaded soon


Thanks!! This is the Edison bulb that I ended up with!