Interstitial Firmware Releases

Here is 0.72.1 which saves the z-axis position through power cycles. The z-axis height will automatically be set to zero at the beginning of the calibration process and then remembered in non-volitle memory which means it won’t be lost during power cycles.

We also now have a “Zero Z” button which resets the machine’s understanding of where the bottom of the z-axis is.

To use it just lower the z-axis all the way down and then press “Zero Z” from then on the machine will keep track of where the z-axis is even if the power is turned off.

This update also makes it so that the z-axis offsets for each arm stored in the calibration file are sent to the browser and used to compute the results in the calibration process so you will want to update your maslow.yaml file also with this one, or at least grab the tlz, trz…etc values which have changed.

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