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Intial Calibration all directions are reversed

I tried setting the sled up. However, my motors and directions are all reversed. I followed exactly as is specified in these instructions.
front view of frame :

and the rear view :

the connections are as per the instructions :

In the Quick Claibration step, where I specify the orientation of the chain (per image it is Bottom), and per instructions I linked above the motors are connected. After this, when I try to set the gears on the motors vertical (so I can then extend the chain to the necessary length), the direction of rotation is mirrored (clockwise to counter clockwise and vice versa).

Is it ok If I flip the direction of chain from Bottom to Top so the gear rotation directin matches the webControl direction ?


you don’t show us how you are running the chains, but that’s what determins the
motor direction. If it’s going in the wrong direction for your chains, you have
it wrong.

David Lang

here is the left motor image : (The lose end connects to the sled (that is the intention of course))

here is the right motor image :

here is the quick configure image shot :

and basically the orientation of the chains are as shown in the quck configure picture.

so what you have is the top feed option, but what you show selected is bottom, so it will move incorrectly

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