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Webcontrol - Y axis actinvg in reverse

When using the WebControl interface, my Y axis is now moving in reverse. I tell WC to move the sled up 1 inch, the sled moves down 1 inch. WC reported position after move is up 1 inch. Moves left and right are executed correctly.

When I use the WC “Return to Home” option in the Actions menu, the sled moves in the correct direction with respect to current location. For example, if the sled is currently 6 in below machine center, the sled will move in the positive Y direction in order to return to home.

To be clear this is only affecting the Y axis, the X is unaffected.

EDIT: ISSUE RESOLVED, No further action required. Motor cables were incorrectly connected.

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glad you found it. sometimes this happens with the over/under chain setting, if it isn’t the motor swap.

i feel so stupid…

Thsi too shall pass… I joined that club a while back.