Is a rotary axis possible with the maslow?

Maybe someone who knows more than me can answer this.

the basic idea is to build a box in the spoilboard of the maslow
that will slowly rotate a workpiece while the sled carves it out.

first question would be can a 4th motor be added to the Maslow system?

Can ground control support a 4th axis?

here is a sketch of my basic idea.


The hardware and software do not support a 4th axis.

We have some work happening on adding to grbl to support the maslow, that would
probably give you the software support, but the hardware (motor drivers) are
still going to be a problem.

you would end up having to build your own driver board (not that hard,
everything is open source)

David Lang


@Travis_McCleery , I have thought about housing a lathe behind the Maslow with access cut out for it. Not as sophisticated as you speak of but what I have decided to go with is a shop built copy lathe and use the Maslow to cut the templates! A bit more of a process, however it’s going to get r done!

The Maslow is full of “just barely good enough to work” items. It keeps the
price down, but it means that when you want to extend things, you tend to run
into many different limits all at once.

David Lang