Is anyone in or near Los Angeles interested in a pre built Maslow Frame?

I’m testing builds and ending up with Frames I don’t have space for. It’s not a problem to re-use the wood for other projects but if someone is interested and near by then lets talk.

Thank you


I am. What parts are complete?

I’m testing a simplified version of the new frame right now.

I’ll follow up shortly


see the build

Have a look at the bottom post - I have ~$45 in the build. Not looking for anything for labor. Just to break even.

By the way welcome to our group.

Thank you

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I’m ok with that. What part of LA are you in?

Canoga Park.

Where are You?

We’re in Woodland Hills right now we’re pretty close by

sending PM - see the PM please.

I’m interestedin working with you to do an ‘alternate 2’ build (folding with two
non-swivil casters) and I’ll leave you with some extra lumber (do you want the
11’x10" LVL beam for anything?)

David Lang


I’ll work with you on just about anything. We need to do a get together.

Thank you