Is this the right place for MakerCam suggestions?

Other than “the usual” (optimizations), for Maslow, I think it would be awesome to have the “cut in/cut out” points be at the top center – you could probably get away with no/fewer tabs as the piece would fall away from the tool.

Is there a “tag” I should use for feature requests?

This is the right place, but unfortunately we don’t control MakerCAM, it’s just a website which is generously hosted by Edward Ford (the creator of Shapeoko) for the benefit of the CNC community. I worked on starting a branch of it so that we could make changes but pretty quickly ran into the fact that if we’re going to work on it, we should re-write it in a language other than flash which was more than I was ready to take on.


Unforunantly we are not the people who write and maintain MakerCam, so this is
not the right place to ask for such enhancements.

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Gotcha. I’ve asked on their forum… I never thought I’d see Flash do toolpathing…