Is my Z axis salvageable?

So I accidentally dropped my whole sled right onto the Z-axis motor. It immediately would not respond to any commands and failed the motor test. I saw that replacement z motors are not available on the Store, so I did my best to repair it. I took the motor completely apart and cleared some debris from the rotor and got it turning smoothly again. I reassembled the now functioning motor and with a feeling of self-satisfaction tested it out. The motor ran backwards. I changed the Z-axis pitch setting to a negative value and I was off and running with the motor responding correctly.
Now I’ve found a bigger issue. The distance the motor turns is not reliable. It seems to go much further than specified. It I tell it to move .1mm, it will move anywhere from 1mm to 5mm. When I define Zero, it doesn’t stick and will be off by a couple mm when I try to return to it. Seems as though I broke the motor’s ability to index correctly.
In the meanwhile, I’ll stick to manual Z adjustment. I’ve got 2 questions I could use help with.

Anyone have a source from replacement Z motors?
Anyone know if I can still salvage my disobedient motor?

Have a look at this thread:

Thank you

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That’s great. I missed that one in my search. Back in business soon, hopefully.

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Perhaps the encoder that sits where the plug goes? Check the tiny circuit board and the magnet in the middle. If it’s loose, glue it back.


Oh, that may be it. I didn’t realize that it was a magnet. I just thought it was a bushing. I broke it and glued it back together to get the motor running. I probably totally messed up its field and ability to use that to index. Well, live and learn. I should probably get a spare motor for when I smash something into it again. Or maybe 3d print a cage for it.


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We can work something out for you on a z-axis motor.