Is there a multi-layer form software tool out there

Are there tools out there to help me produce multi layer forms? Braking down 3D forms into flat planes.

Here is an example.

I have seen info on Fusion 360 which indicates that it has a slicing function, I have not tried it though!

You could try if FlatFab does it.

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There are a few ways to do this in onshape, including defining the layers of
wood and then having your model cut out of the stack, but also including the
laser cutter mode of kiri:moto (although it will require some tweaking as it’s
designed for laser widths, not bit widths)

This seem practically the same as what slicer software does in 3d printing.
Just thicker slices

Vectric cut3d

Is does several neat things with slicing and dicing 3d objects.

Fusion 360 has Slicer which is a clone of their 123DMake software. It very easily does exactly what you are talking about. You can add dowel pins for alignment and you can change material thickness and size etc. Simply output your vector files and cut away!

In fact, I’m 97% sure that torso model is a sample that comes with 123DMake.
(EDIT: I just checked and I was wrong, it’s not part of the 123DMake samples. But I did remember where I’ve seen it. It’s a free download on Thingiverse (and probably other places))