Newbie question

just got my machine all built and put together. what is my next step as far as hooking up laptop etc is there somewhere to find these steps? and do i need to download anything first? this is all greek to me.

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What step are you on? Have you been following ?

I’m not there yet, but you roughly should:

  1. Build frame.
  2. Assemble the Arduino/sled and other electronics.
  3. Upload the firmware to the Arduino.
  4. Set up a win/mac/linux/rPie computer to run ground control.
  5. Connect the PC to the Arduino and calibrate.
  6. Load g-code and cut something, probably the sled.

Up to step 4 use the above link. After that look on the forums, the ground control guide, there are a couple of youtube vids and use the wiki. (at least that’s my plan) I think GroundControl will walk you through the calibration when you select it from the menu.


thank you!

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YouTube can be your friend. Lol a lot of people on there with steps from start to finish. Helped me a bunch.

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