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Issues cutting corners - Overshoot?


It appears there is overshoot happening on my machine. When it cuts the start/stop point (plunge point for each pass) appears to overshoot for corners. See attached picture. Right now I have it stopping, plunging, then continuing for each pass. Maybe the solution here is to have it plunge as it cuts without stopping? Either way, I would think it shouldn’t do this. Any thoughts?

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That looks like what could be called pushback or springback… When you plunge there are no side forces and the bit may also oscillate some as it plunges which wallows out the hole. Between the stretch in the chains, which varies under cutting loads, and any flex in the frame of the machine. Ans the bigger the cutter the more stretch and flex you will see.addingplywood and glue gussets to you frame would probably take care of some of that, but it will always be there. For larger CNC machines they try to plunge off the finish surface, with a circular leadin and circular leadout. Not always possible if the kerf of your cutter is the finished part.

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