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Jumped some links

I found out what happened on my system.

The power cord for left motor came unplugged, and the right motor kept going and jumped a link or so. How the power cord came unplugged is a mystery to me. It would seem a good idea if these had retaining clips.

Anyway I am not sure what I will do, if I will recalibrate or change machines. As I said before I just need the machine to work and I just dont have time to have repair, recalibrate when I am I already am working dark to dark.

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sorry that happened all motor cables should be zip tied a few inches to some sort of support so the wires do not accidently come out. depending on what kit you bought you will also want to use blue loctite on all nuts to they dont’ wiggle out over time.

if you want a machine that doesn’t require any tinkering the maslow (or most inexpensive cnc’s) might not be the best choice.

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Thanks. And you maybe right. I know your parts made mine run much better- I am wondering if that metal gantry model someone built on here would not be a better idea for reducing sled problems. Though your sled has outperformed the wooden one 500%