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Just received Metal Maslow kit today. Parts shows signs of previous use

I really hope you’re joking. If you run a business selling a $600+ item, you can at least be apologetic and not sound like a clown the way he is to sandy. If people think THIS is okay, THIS is what the sellers will think it’s okay.

No I did not refuse your return package. As the emails I sent you clearly state we moved and the PO BOX you sent it to refused the package. I advised you call UPS to get the package redirected and you emailed back saying you did that. It was supposed to be delivered today, but when I check UPS tracking it shows the wrong city and state for delivery. No one was even around today to refuse a delivery. So you assumed something not true. Please call UPS and get them to fix their mistake. I tried but they will not let me do anything since you are sender.

If you had asked for a return label I would of sent you one, but your first email stated you already returned the item. No one is pulling a fast one on anyone. We didn’t provide any service. You got the item said you didn’t like the paint job and returned it.
after Sandy complained about the paint job we specifically mention on our website it is not a professional paint job.

and now that you have opened a paypal dispute I have to play by their rules which means it will take longer to get a refund.

Edited to add Finally got a hold of UPS on phone and they said the original wrong address was never changed and that is why the package was again refused a 2nd time.

My last message.

If you want to clearly deny wrongdoing here then prove that to PayPal. It’s obvious from your website to horrible customer service, you have so much to learn to earn customers trust first.

Good luck.

My very first email I stated we would refund when we got it back.
Again the reason it was refused is because it was sent to an old POBOX. And even after you emailed me saying the address was updated UPS says it was not and was sent to the old UPS box a 2nd time. You can call UPS if you dont beleive me. Their tracking is very messed up, the first refusal was the 29th, not the 30th and the state and city is wrong on the 30th.

ups tracking
ups tracking1271×721 58.4 KB

So at this point, UPS is going to return the goods to you and you also want to keep the goods and also keep the money? how is that fair? I’ll email you a return label and let’s just peacefully be respectful. Thanks.

Just an update on this matter; after filing a PayPal case, Metalmaslow finally refunded with the package being returned.

For the return, it was over $80 (and I was nice enough to double-box everything).

His claim of the re-routed package not being seen is a total lie. Granted, I can be nice and say I should’ve checked with him but the website had an old address apparently that was updated as soon as I made the return. I lost $23 to get it re-routed and have proof.

Another $43+ for it to come back to my house.

So in total, I lost over $140 for nothing. Not a single apology to date.

It’s your choice to buy from him but it’s your money.

I’m not going to get in the mud with you on this.
Fact of the matter is if you had just contacted us and asked for a return label we would of sent you one. You could of shipped it for $21 ups flat rate, but you again didnt’ contact us prior to shipping. UPS caused you lost money, not us. Put the blame where it belongs. We agreed to a return before you opened up a paypal case, but now you insinuate it was pressure from paypal that got you the return? Sellers know paypal disputes are always resolved in buyers favor, so the whole idea that we would refuse the return is just unbelievable.

If your UPS intercept request was successful then it would of shown up on UPS’s website tracking. Everyone that ships UPS knows this is how their system works. They also do not guarantee intercepts to be successful. My screen shot above shows the truth.

If anyone has any issue with our product and communicates with us we will always get it resolved.

Our website clearly says the metal cut parts does not have a professional paint job. I specifically put that there so people that care about that stuff would NOT buy our product. We even sell base plates now that are unpainted because I dont’ want to keep arguing with a very small percentage of people about paint jobs.

Looking at the big picture I’ve probably spent 4 hrs over this wrong address issue. It is unbelievable how much time a difficult customer can take up over such a simple matter.