Kerf bending for smooth contours

Hi all, I’m excitedly searching for project ideas as I await my June Maslow shipment! I found this cool looking chair that uses kerf bending here

According to that post “Kerf bending is achieved by cutting through the plywood so that the last layer of underlying wood is left in tact. With multiple cuts made close together at regular intervals, you are able to bend the wood and create a smooth curve.”

I’m curios if anyone has tried this technique with Maslow.


I’ve done this with a skill saw and it works beautifully, should be the same with the maslow after all they’re just cuts. A couple tips; leave enough material so the remaining layer(s) don’t split when bending into final shape; you can also run masking tape on the back side while bending to avoid splitting.

I too ordered a maslow for the june shipment and can’t wait to try kerf cuts among other things!

PS handy link for kerf calculating:


Great advice! thanks

I haven’t seen anyone use a maslow for that. You might want to look into bendable plywood, that’s what i used for my meeple shaped board game cabinet.


Awesome resource! Thanks, for that xrok1!

any cabinate supply store sells bendable plywood. Much easier and nicer looking then making a hundred kerfs too.


Awesome advise guys. This community is fantastic!