Kitchen Helper Design

I started doing this design for @MidnightMaker from the what do you want done thread. This is a new thread to start the design process. Here is what I have come up with so far.
Here is a photo that has been skewed to square up the edges. I have stretched it to the estimated dimensions from the site.

Here is the onshape link to assist with the design.

Message me your email address and I will add you as a contributor with rights to edit the file.


The whole file is pretty much done. Will someone please take a look at it and finish it up? I am new to onshape and can not figure out how to assemble the pieces. The feet need to be mated as well.

In the assembly, import the various parts that you want and then position them
as you want (you can use the mates to force specific alignment)

however the assembly is really just a ‘nice to have’ to let you view how things
go together, and if you define the right types of joints, how things move.

an assembly doesn’t really help you to define joints, just see how they would go

what is it you are trying to do?

I need to just button it up to complete it. The feet need to be put together. Then assembly needs to be completed to ensure that all the measurements line up. The total file needs to be exported to an svg to be cut. This project is just part of a collaboration and practice for me to learn how to use onshape. I am hoping to get this into the garden.
Here are the screenshots from the different parts.


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i did some basic assembly and reworked the feet.


looks good. another thing that you can do is to design ‘in context’ so that you
can refer to other components while setting dimensions.

you can also design multiple parts in one parts studio tab, so you can have
edges reference each other.

by the way, why do you need the added feet on this? aren’t the bottoms of the
sides good enough

I would think so. But all of the designs had feet to help with stability. So I added it on to keep with the original design.

What does this do? I see kitchen helper but I am not clear what it is for.

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Its a stand that your kids can stand on to help out with cooking in the kitchen.

how do the kids get in and out of it?

There are steps built into the side of it and then they enter through the hole on one side. or you can leave the walls up on all sides for better safety and just place them in through the top. There is a video on this page to see how it is used. This is a different version but same idea.[0]=11883719

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Without the feet a kid could lean against the side and tip it too easily. Also its a risk when climbing in and out as their center of mass is outside the base. I would 100% include the feet when building this.


This is amazing! I was going to design another kitchen helper. Two tweaks: It would be nice to have reference holes for any screw locations. I think the feet will need to be redesigned to be Maslow friendly. Right now the way it is modeled, it would be difficult to cut. Same applies to sides other parts as well.

Send me your email @aas5f6 and I will give you access to change whatever you thinkwill improve it.


@Sharpsburg_Woodworke I love your collaborative style :grinning:. Keep up the great work!

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I couldn’t agree more. You’ve made some great designs/files @Sharpsburg_Woodworke. Are these being added to the community garden so all designs are in one spot? I know you’ve made other things but can’t easily find them.

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I made a copy and started to make it Maslow cut friendly. Still deciding on feet design.


That is looking great.

Dude, that was unbelievably generous of you! Thanks for tackling this. I guess I misunderstood the premise of the original thread, but this is super cool! :sunglasses:

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