Lego PID Tuning Demonstration

Came across a really good demonstration of PID loop tuning today. Not sure how many people have had to crack into this with their Maslow or other projects but I found it help-full simply because it shows visually the trial and error process involved on basic loop tuning. The whole experiment in general is pretty interesting but skip to 4:10 for the PID tuning itself.

LEGO PID Loop Tuning


Yeah that is a great video. It explains the process without using any words much better than it could be done with words.

Also the lego prototype is pretty neat. It’s a fast and easy way to get some hardware that’s easy to see and understand.

Great resource!
Some time ago I broke my teeth on the Z axis of my prototype, but it’s easy to get lost understanding the two cascading PIDs of the Maslow and their mutual interaction.
Also still hard to understand well is the effect of Kd, PonM/PonE, but one day, ONE DAY, I’ll give another look, thanks to that video !