Linux and connection

So… I’ve connected just find from my Mac, but don’t want to 1) dedicate my best machine to driving Maslow and 2) have my good machine out in the dust all the time…

So, dug out an old HP laptop I had knocking around and loaded Linux on it (I’m a long time Linux user, so this isn’t something new to me).

Got it all running, got Ground Control loaded, etc.

All good except Ground Control doesn’t “connect” - anybody have any thoughts of things to check?

The only error I see is a “permission denied” on /dev/input/event9 - I changed the permissions on that device and the error went away, but Ground Control got really squirrely, kind of like it thought I was doing multi-touch or something. It didn’t change the root problem of connectivity :slight_smile:

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@gero has mentioned one fix here:

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Yes this is usually the answer.

I also had to add my user to the “input” group, which fixed the event9 error for me, these instructions used to be in the wiki, but got removed.


Thanks guys… that fixed me right up (my machine had it as the uucp group instead of dialout).

Calibrated and fixing to find something to cut…