Looking to buy a maslow with z axis

I am looking to buy a Maslow with Z axis

If you aren’t in a rush, we have kits shipping in early December with Z-axis and ring.


Thank you for the response. Unfortunately hurricane Florence destroyed my little town of New Bern, NC. I lost almost all of my shop and good old FEMA is not helping. I found out my insurance didn’t cover flood either. To be honest I never thought in a million years that where my shop is I would have needed it. So I am kind of in a rush but if it doesn’t happen between now then I’ll have to wait because it is all my pockets can afford living off VA disability and repairing my home, lol.

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Crim, I have one for sale, with Z axis and both a ring and another setup for triangular geometry: Complete maslow, router, ring kit, etc for sale in Texas

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Awesome!! How much and Do you accept paypal?

Did you buy your Maslow, yet?
I have one for sale.