Looking to return my M4

Looking to return my M4 for a refund. No offense to you guys and the community no doubt you guys have great intentions. I just don’t have the patience. I already ruined 3 special sheets of plywood. Nothing broken on the machine.


I’m really sorry to hear that it is frustrating. We’re working to make things easier, but I agree that it can still be frustrating. If you can give us specific things that you would like to see work differently we will absolutely work to improve them. The goal is to make something which is as simple and easy to use as possible.

We do take returns of kits that aren’t assembled yet, but we can’t take returns of machines which are assembled since it’s a kit and we can’t guarantee to someone else that everything is still good as new.

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There has traditionally been a pretty good market for assembled kits, though. Post an asking price and I bet you’ll get some interested buyers.