Looks great but could have been cut in 1/2 the time

So my question is my board is 1/4 when I imported from easel and I tried multiple times my cut went 1/2 but code in Maslow was reading .25 for depth. I checked my 0 when finished and it sent flush to the board. Any thoughts?


That looks beautiful!

Check the gcode! You can open it with a regular text editor. You should see lines that say either G1 Z-0.25 or G01 Z-0.25

Here is a sample part of one cut. My cut on Maslow is also showing going only to .25 as well. but extends to almost .50 when it finnishes .17 is actually at .25
G1 Z-0.17000 F9.0
G1 X6.98602 Y4.79456 F30.0
G1 X6.98602 Y4.48911 F30.0
G1 Z-0.22400 F9.0
G1 X6.98602 Y3.45282 F30.0
G1 X6.98315 Y3.36139 F30.0
G1 X6.97452 Y3.28870 F30.0
G1 X6.95724 Y3.23254 F30.0
G1 X6.94427 Y3.20987 F30.0
G1 X6.92844 Y3.19080 F30.0
G1 X6.90945 Y3.17477 F30.0
G1 X6.86124 Y3.15030 F30.0
G1 X6.79861 Y3.13538 F30.0
G1 X6.66931 Y3.12457 F30.0
G1 X6.66931 Y3.01517 F30.0
G1 X8.52933 Y3.01517 F30.0
G1 X8.57251 Y3.58240 F30.0
G1 Z-0.25000 F9.0

That sounds like it could be an issue with the settings for how many revolutions of the motor corresponds to 1mm of travel on the z-axis. Different kit suppliers use different motors and z-axis setups so the setting can be different from one supplier to the next.

To be clear, if you use the jog button to move the z-axis by .5 inches it actually moves by .25 inches?

That sounds like a setting for the z-axis pitch is off by a factor of two. Try doubling it or halving it.