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M2 Cutting is Bowed and Stretched???

This is the second test cut completed on 2’x4’ stock. We adjusted the backer board slightly after the first, but this still appears to sag in the middle of the workpiece. The design also seems to be stretched out by several inches and extends past the outside edges of the stock on either side (i.e. the stock design in Fusion 360 was 48" wide when exported to G code (images 2 and 3), but it appears to have cut the design ~50" wide.

I ran all of the calibration steps (including chain) but for the hole drill test immediately prior to cutting.

Any ideas on how to solve either of these issues? Thanks for the help.

Calibration is off. The machine thinks it is at a different vertical position than it is. How good was precision calibration with makerverse? most likely the motor height (workpiece top to motor shaft distance) is off.

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