M2 Glitch - Possibly GCode issues or Firmware

Hi, I have a question as it relates to a weird glitchy problem I am having. When I am cutting with my M2, and I am running my file, It drills holes first, then does the engraving, then cuts the piece out. Problem I started to encounter is when the M2 is drilling the holes, on one of the holes the Z axis will prematurely begin to drill. So this is leaving a gash in the material because for some reason it thinks the XY axis stopped moving, but in reality they have not. I am using Easel to generate my Gcode just in case anyone is wondering. What is causing this and how to I prevent this from happening in the future as it has the potential to ruin expensive pieces that I am cutting. Thanks.

that is probably a gcode problem, but if it’s not, it would be a firmware
problem on the M2 board. makermake would have to help troubleshoot if that/s the

David Lang

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Do you have drills and contours set up in the same gcode or a tool change. Split them into separate files. I had this problem once. I used separate gcodes for tool changes and haven’t had the problem since.

Same bit, my drill hole, engrave path and cut path are all in one gcode file.

Was it after each drill holes or after the last one going into a contour/engrave/cut path?

I’d split it up into 3 individual cuts. One gcode for drilling, one for engraving, one for cut path

I’m 99% positive it was on the last hole that it did this. Just out of curiosity what causes this? Why can’t you run all the paths in the same file?

Possibly your program used to generate the gcode. Maybe commands not recognized by maslow? I think I had this problem swapping from contour to engrave in 1 file using carbide create to generate the code.

at one point in the past, there was a bug in the maslow firmware that didn’t
fully coordinate 3d moves (it could start x/y movement before Z movement was
finished under some conditions.

That was fixed in the maslow firmware, but the makermade firmware is very
different and maintained by different people. I don’t know if they copied the
bug or if they fixed it if they did.

David Lang

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I use easel to generate my gcode, I use the Maslow software to run the machine.

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I’m late to the party on this one, and I hope that you found a resolution. If not, I have a suggestion that might sound dumb, but I have found that it does make a difference sometimes.

Go into your cut settings, and set your Vertical Ramp to 0. You may need to reduce your Feed Rate a bit as well. It should plunge to full depth before it starts to move, instead of plunging in anticipation.

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