M2 upgrade just arrived Anyone been able to fit the ridgid router?

Hello to all. i don’t like the idea of changing my router. i am very pleased with my ridgid. i own 3 of them (just in case, because i am in Greece and it is not for sale here) i am using it every day for 1 1/2 year without any problems.
i have 2 questions .
is the m2 kit able to hold the ridgid (i know that it doesn’t fit in the clamp) because it is heavier and bigger than the smaller routers makermade suggests .
Has anyone fitted the ridgid in the new kit? and if he did how?

thank you!

It’s not a good idea, the smaller routers are good and much cheaper. for example this makita clone is half the weight of the ridgid: https://www.amazon.de/KATSU-Elektrische-Laminiergerät-Schreiner-Oberfräse/dp/B07FQ9NVYF/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=wood+router&qid=1598583541&sr=8-3

if you want to save some money you can make or buy your own z axis. the cncJS (makerverse) shoudl be compatable with all maslows in the next few weeks, so unless you need laser capabilites, not sure paying for upgrade is needed.

but to answer your question, they sold a clamp for the Ridgid, not sure if they still do.

So if i make a new clamp to fit the ridgid, the m2 can handle it when it comes to size and weight?

Just as an option, no need to follow, just for consideration, but i had a far too heavy and too powerful Bosch router at the start 3 years ago and are now with a 500W spindle. Depending on the project and how fast (aggressive in depth per pass) a router can have benefits. RPM control from within the g-code is something that might be available in new software on the horizon. I will likely test a 800W air-cooled spindle in future, but from speed-control, choice of bits and resulting less noise and dust, I will never change back to a router. The z-axis (from china) setup I have requires some skills in modifying parts, so not published. If you only plan plywood, go ahead with a router, if you want a machine that will be able to deal with acrylic or other plastics, speed control is a must.

Kind regards. Gero

I get your point Gero but im considering this: the speed of the maslow is slow (fine for me) but generally slow. the cuts take a lot of hours to complete. i usually cut very complex things that take 8-12 hours to finish maybe more. the Ridgid can work for hundreds of hours without a problem so far. it stays cool even after 10 hours of work. second and most important ridgid has a fan on bottom that cools the bit, this is very important for long hour cuts and extends the bit life. i also cut plexi glass without any problem.
My main concern is that if the m2 is capable to handle the “big” ridgid. thats it.

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I think the answer is yes once you get the right clamp and get it centered and set the ring height to account for the extra weight. The M2 z axis is a metal version of the meticulous made out of 80/20. Make sure you loctite the bolts. Some have had issues with things coming apart.

I do get your point as well. With new software on the horizon that might have acceleration / deceleration implemented,and (RPM) speed control , can be achieved on a router with some tricks, but on a spindle via the S-command it would be at your hands from the start. Running the Maslow faster requires the capability to adjust the RPM of whatever you are using to cut. Only a spindle with https://www.amazon.com/KNACRO-voltage-module-converted-voltage/dp/B06XB6J4FV/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_pl_foot_top?ie=UTF8 controlled with a PWM will give you that option, unless there will be some invention to go around 3 corners instead of 2.

just to get an idea of my current project . i don’t mind of adjustable rpm inside the cut.
i just need a router that can take the long hours without complaint. and i think ridgid is made for this!


Hope you are aware of the orange plastic part that fails on the Ridgit z-axis and read about the upgrades. Wish you all the luck that is available in the universe :wink: Keep us updated on the process please. All input is valuable !

Kind regards , Gero

all routers have a fan inside that cools the motor. not really designed to cool the router bit, the air just happends to go that way to clear dust. If it went the other way dust woudl be sucked into motor.

The metal malsow sled we sell works with ridgid, but since it is supported by the lead screw one cannot do deep plunge cuts with it. 1/8" deep plunge is recommended, maybe 1/4 depending on material. Photo Credit: Andy S.

If you want to cut 1/2" plywood in one pass then a short support base/ring woudl need to be added to the base. I assume the M2 has similar issues since it uses the same lead screw. bearing design.