M4 folding wall frame

Hey all,

Due to restricted space in my shop and that no matter where it goes it will block the A/C unit, I came up with this folding frame.

Just waiting on a friend to be available to manhandle the larger section in place and finish the install.


That is awesome! It truly folds up small. How rigid is it?

Still have the other half of the frame to mount. It should be fairly rigid, i have t-nuts and some heafty bolts with washers to engage it when deployed.

I have wait on a buddy to help maneuver the other half for mounting. Also have to change up how my dust collecter/scap barrel are arranged so that i have full access when in use.

I’ll update when stage 2 in complete and I can get the Maslow mounted and calibrated.

It will end up being a 10 x 8’ 3" frame.

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