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M6 tool change?

New to Maslow and CNC programming/cutting. So, I’m encountering several challenges.

I programmed a test part in Fusion360 that I’m trying to cut into the waste board as a test. When I start the program I get a pop up for “M6 Tool Change” tell me to run a tool change macro and adjust the z-axis offset. If I ignore this an click through, the bit plunges deep into the waste board.


Any advice?

Yes, you should be able to just proceed. I do this all the time.

The usual culprit:
The value for the z-axis pitch in the firmware is incorrect. Jog the z-axis by an inch and confirm it actually is plunging that much. If not, you need to adjust the pitch.

The other usual culprit
The cable connector might be loose on the z-axis motor. If the pin for the encoder is not making contact but the pins for the motor are, the motor will just keep spinning since the controller is not getting feedback that the motor is moving. This has caused me grief many times.

Some other things to check:

  • Check the tool path simulation. Is it plunging too far also?
  • Check the origin in the manufacturing setup. Is it on the top of the stock or bottom?
  • Check the sock size in the setup. Does it match the thickness of the wood?
  • In the operation dialog, make sure the cut to depth is set properly. Bottom of stock, to selected contour, to some offset?
  • Check your units. Fusion defaults to mm.

I hope something in here helps. Good luck.

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Thanks for the input. Ran through some checks and here’s what I’m seeing:

cable connections are in firm
Tool path simulation runs correctly
origin looks correct (on the top of the part, which is also the top of stock)
Stock size set as same as part thickness
The cut looks to be set up correctly (bottom of part, correct contour)

Now it’s not driving the cutter deep into the waste board. It’s actually running the steps backwards. It goes to the start of the cut, drops slightly into the wood (from the clearance and retract height?), then it hovers above the surface at the depth of cut and follows the tool path. then it steps UP instead of down and repeats the tool path.

Simulation in Fusion looks great. I’m thinking that it is either something wrong with the post or an incorrect setting in Makerverse.

is fusion generating positive numbers for your cut? Maslow 0 is the top of the wood and any cuts you make are below that as the router bit plunges in and they are negative. I noticed that another user’s 360 gcode file had positive z values also. You can flip the axis, but you can also change your gcode generation too.

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It sounds like @Orob is on to something.

Did you change the z-axis pitch in the firmware? You may have to put a minus in front of the pitch value if the gcode is correct (negative values for cuts, positive for travel moves).

With the origin (Work Coordinate System), make sure the the X, Y, and Z are aligned the way the Maslow wants to see them. X should be pointing to the right, Z should be pointing away from the top surface of the wood.

Did you zero the Z axis after you put the bit in?