Makercam doesn't load some SVG files

That’s the point of using a bezier instead of doing it freehand. There’s no tracing, just curve fitting.
also, the svg I posted is essentially done other than being probably way too big, at 33.789 inches long and 17.151 inches high. if you didn’t want to change the curve, you could just rescale it to whatever size you wanted to cut it, and then import it into makercam.

Hi Joseph,

So, you’ll need to “export as” from gimp, not save as. It’s a quirk about the program that it only saves in it’s own format, so you have to export to change the format. I usually export as a bitmap, but for that image you sent, that may not be the best. It will take some time to get your workflow down if this is how you are going to be doing it, but once you familiarize yourself with the various tools, it will get easier.

Where do I find this Bezier? Is that in Inkscape?

Oooohhh! I like this one!! thanks Jatt,

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