MakerCAM is Back!

My favorite free online CAM option was called MakerCAM. It’s was a great free tool for taking a .svg file and generating tool paths from it.

Unfortunately it was written in Flash and when Adobe ended support for flash a few years ago it disappeared.

Thanks to the incredible folks over at the Ruffle project which is a web assembly based flash emulator MakerCAM is back on the internet!

You can play around with it now at: MakerCAM

I also brought back PartKAM which is a different version of the same software. MakerCAM forked off of PartKam I think and I’m not totally sure what the differences are so I figured better to put them both up so we can play around.

Special thanks to @boxomatic for helping to track down the correct .swf files!


Nice! I didn’t know about this webasm flash player! interesting. I’ve been thinking we should implement the calibration algorithm in C++ or rust and see if webasm is better for that… but on the other hand… not that critical to wait a bit for answers :slight_smile:

I remember using this years ago, but the biggest problem with this software is it won’t take my inkscape svgs like some other programs do, but you can save from inkscape into generic SVG too, you just lose inkscape settings.


I’m pumped @bar , Makercam was my go to on M1.
This looks to be a great solution to work with on the fly when I dont have my laptop.

Several people in the forum have suggested Estlcam, so I bought the license and it’s been worth every penny. Power packed for the price.

Ive been using:
Adobe capture(for image to svg)
Inkscape as my go to clean up svgs

For cad it’s Onshape for bigger projects (assembly).
I tried kiri:moto in Onshape as cam, but as for now,
Its not even close to Estlcam for me

Ive done the whole fusion 360 bit, but just bogged me down.