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Adobe Flash.....AAAhhhhhhhhhh!

I am in the process of getting back into my Maslow which I haven’t used since the demise of Adobe Flash. I had been using MakerCam (or Partkam) which required the flash player but now I can’t get into them because I can’t get rid of that darn player. I’ve scoured the internet for a solution to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

estlcam? carbide create? easel?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘getting rid of that darn player’, but if you are looking for a working web-application similar to MakerCam, you could try KrabzCAM. It’s written in javascript, so it should be working in the foreseeable future.


Everytime I tried to open Maker or Partkam it would direct me to enable the player. I don’t know…??? I’ll give KrabzCAM a try. Thanks.

I got KrabzCAM to open. I’ll work with it for a while. I’ll try some others that have been mentioned as well. Thanks to all.

Ok so after seeing the title for the third time, I finally “got” the reference to flash gordon. That brings back memories.