MakerCam problem

I went to go use MakerCam the other day and I was having a problem where the screen was only showing a 1/3rd of the full makercam page. I thought it was a loading error and restarted my laptop, it is not a scaling error, and I also tried using different browsers. Is anyone else having this problem with MakerCam?

Try the link provided in this post


had the same problem, also saw it posted on a MakerMade Maslow FB post. Potentially has something to do with the latest FLASH update. Right side of address bar shows me an icon with a warning sign, if I click on it, it will tell me that “insecure content has been blocked”. If you select “Load insecure content” it will then give you back the full screen.



Thank you!

I have the same problem but no warning.

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Did you try this one?

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Thanks for your response. I installed Adobe flash player twice. I was able to get full screen once, but when I opened an SVG it never appeared on screen. Tried 3 different images that open in other programs.

I was finally able to get full screen and open and convert a file by using Opera browser in Linux Mint.

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Works great thanks!

Was having the same issue but wasnt getting the warning about the insecure content, but if you click on the lock just left of the site address and click on site setting you can “allow” flash and insecure content from there

MakerCAM really should be deprecated. Flash is no longer common, and was always a security risk.

There’s nothing that works quite like it, but you should start looking at alternatives such as DXF2GCODE and the Inkscape G-code tools.

Hi, maybe you guys wanna try this one out:

It’s a piece of software I’ve been working on lately for converting SVG (paths only) to GCODE.
Similar to MakerCAM I guess, but written in javascript. Press ‘HELP’ for instructions.


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Wow, that looks fantastic!

It seems like a pretty wonderful drop in replacement for MakerCAM. I will absolutely start recomending it to folks. Nice work!

Hi, glad you liked it.

Notice this is new software and not extensively tested.
There might be glitches, so I recommend inspecting the gcode with something like ncviewer ( before feeding it to the robot.


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