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MakerCam problem

I went to go use MakerCam the other day and I was having a problem where the screen was only showing a 1/3rd of the full makercam page. I thought it was a loading error and restarted my laptop, it is not a scaling error, and I also tried using different browsers. Is anyone else having this problem with MakerCam?

Try the link provided in this post


had the same problem, also saw it posted on a MakerMade Maslow FB post. Potentially has something to do with the latest FLASH update. Right side of address bar shows me an icon with a warning sign, if I click on it, it will tell me that “insecure content has been blocked”. If you select “Load insecure content” it will then give you back the full screen.



Thank you!

I have the same problem but no warning.

Welcome to the Forum @madred!

Did you try this one?

Kind regards, Gero

Thanks for your response. I installed Adobe flash player twice. I was able to get full screen once, but when I opened an SVG it never appeared on screen. Tried 3 different images that open in other programs.

I was finally able to get full screen and open and convert a file by using Opera browser in Linux Mint.

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Works great thanks!